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President - Tim Gulley

Vice President - Rick Grosvenor

Treasurer/Secretary - Lester HalL

Correspondence Secretary - Skip Strawn



Endless Mountain Coon Club is a proud supporter of, The United Sportsman's Club, Jackson, PA.  Members from both clubs work together towards the common goal of promoting Coonhound Traditions and teaching our youth about the sport and its legacy. Please take the time to   support both clubs with UKC Events.

United Sportsman's Club Jackson

3/30/18 BS 7:00 NH 8:00

5/5/18 WR 3:00 FT 4:30 BS 6:00 NH 8:00

6/2/18 WR 3:00 FT 4:30 BS 6:00 NH 8:00

7/21/18 WR 3:00 FT 4:30 BS 6:00 NH 8:00

9/28/18 BS 6:00 NH 8:00* Poor Boy Event

11/3/18 BS 6:00 NH 7:00

















Abbreviations Legend

WR-Water Races

FT-Field Trials

BS-Bench Show

NH-Night Hunt







Any questions about The United Sportsman Club please contact Tim or Skip at the below information.

Contact information

Tim Gulley - (607)761-1566

Skip Strawn - (607)765-1224


Club Address:60 Rod & Gun Club Rd

                    Jackson, PA 18825





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