Nestled in the beautiful Endless Mountains of Springville, PA, The Endless Mountain Coonclub is always open to new members and all coon hunts are UKC sanctioned.  Besides holding several UKC Events each year, we also have a Coyote Hunt each year.  As a club, members volunteer their time taking "Wounded Warriors" coon hunting through "Hunts for the Healing" at Ringneck Ridge.  We also participate in several events each year, teaching children about coonhunting.  If you are holding an event to teach children about the outdoors, and would like some of our members to bring friendly coon dogs and all the hunting gear, please go to our Contact Page, and send a message.


Any questions or pictures you would like to share, please go to our Contact Page

Upcoming Club Events



Endless Mountain Coon Hunters

Coyote Hunt 

January 20th-23rd 

Events to be listed when dates confirmed for UKC Hunts


United Sportsman's Club Jackson

Events to be listed when dates confirmed for UKC Hunts



Abbreviations Legend

WR-Water Races

FT-Field Trials

BS-Bench Show

NH-Night Hunt


Coyote Hunt Application 2022


Meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of each month, 4:00PM, at the Clubhouse.


Address for the Clubhouse is (Which is also a link for mapquest):


 649 Troy Road, Springville, PA 18844







Charity Corner

Endless Mountain Coonhunters proudly supports:


Springville Volunteer Fire & Ambulance Company

Hunts for the Healing @ Ringneck Ridge

Jakes Day through NWTF Red Rock Chapter